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Types Of Dentures

What are different denture materials available?

There are different materials for dentures such as acrylic, resin and porcelain. They are also useful in keeping the remaining teeth from changing position and shifting, and for filling the spaces without teeth. Schedule an appointment today to find out which one is most suitable for your gums, teeth and smile!

Simply Natural Dentures :

These dentures are made of injection-moulding technique to ensure greater seating and are known for their gap-free appearance. Their customization provides excellent contour which in turn makes it a lot easier to clean and maintain. The vinyl-based material allows it to be an optimal choice for patients allergic to acrylics.

Flexible Combination :

These are dentures made of flexible resin based plastic material. They provide secure fit and function as an alternative to traditional metal partials. They can be customised to your natural gum color with seamless shape and design, making it virtually invisible. These strong, durable plastics can also be made without metal clasps, thus avoiding the bulky feeling of usual metal partials.

Flexible Partial :

These dentures are constructed to combine the benefits of both the light-weight durability of the flexible denture along with the stability of the metal framework for improved durability.

What are the types of Dentures and how do they benefit you?

When a patient is expecting to have extractions near the front of the mouth done, immediate dentures are a great solution. These are made in advance and are ready for the day of the extractions. Immediate dentures are useful so that the patient does not have to be without teeth. They are done for esthetic purposes and will serve as a bandage immediately after the procedure. As time goes on, the gums, bone and tissue begin to shrink and heal after the removal of the teeth. Upon complete healing of the gums and surrounding tissue within the next two to three months, the patient will be ready to have their permanent dentures done.

Complete dentures are done when a patient has all of their teeth missing. This is also a removable device, which is used to replace missing teeth. It blends with the gums and the surrounding tissue to look more natural.

As the name suggests, these are dentures that are supported by implants instead of simply resting on the gums. This combination of two modern prostheses ensures a great fit and snaps into the patient’s Jawbone. It is typically recommended for the lower jaw in patients with enough bone support however it can also be done for the upper jaw.

Partial dentures are useful when the patient has some existing teeth remaining and would like to replace the teeth that are missing. Partial dentures are also removable and blend with the gums and the surrounding tissue to look more natural. They are fabricated with a metal framework and are flexible in order to be held snugly and comfortably in the mouth.

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