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We provide various dental treatments and alternative solutions for our patients of all ages, below are the different procedures that we specialize in at NYC Dental Pro.


What is tooth decay / cavities?

Tooth decay is usually caused by the loss of enamel in the tooth surface and structure. When teeth become decayed, they form caries, better known as cavities. It is often caused by specific types of bacteria that thrive in dental plaque. The plaque bacteria produces acids from the food substances, which builds up overtime resulting in tooth decay.

Why do you need a filling from the dentist?

Our experts understand your existing conditions and will customize a filling material to match your natural tooth color, shape and restore its function. Filling materials such as composites, which are resin based help repair fractures or decay present in tooth surfaces. Composite is safe and strong, almost impossible to detect upon visual detection and is designed to accommodate the daily wear and tear activities of teeth.

You may have a cavity if you experience any of these signs?

Cavities may present in patients with feelings of mild to severe pain, sensitivity, shocking sensations, discomfort when biting, chewing or when liquids come into contact with the affected teeth. Initially, patients may realize the need for fillings, if they experience pain or sensitivity upon eating and drinking hot or cold food and drinks. Sometimes, patients can notice visible changes in their teeth, with discoloration such as black and brown spots on the tooth.

Aftercare post your Dental filling

As always, these teeth should also be cared for and looked after with minimal hard, sticky and crunchy foods.

Attending your routine dental visits and maintaining hygiene can prove to be very efficient in avoiding the decay of natural teeth and can help us identify an issue in the early stages.

The longer the wait without intervention or treatment, the decay can spread further into the tooth, resulting in severe pain and exposure of the nerve.

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