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We provide various dental treatments and alternative solutions for our patients of all ages, below are the different procedures that we specialize in at NYC Dental Pro.

Root Canals

What is Root canal therapy?

Endodontic treatment, better known as root canal therapy is done to repair and salvage a tooth that has become extensively decayed and infected. During a root canal procedure, the inflamed pulp is removed from the center of the tooth, cleaned, filled and sealed with protective material very similar to the material of our natural teeth and closed. This is done to discourage future infections and abscesses from forming within the tooth and around the tissue near that tooth.

When do you need a Root canal?

When a cavity has become too enlarged and cannot be sealed with a regular composite filling, the nerve tissue also known as pulp can sustain damage. The pulp chamber is made of softer material in the central canals, centered in the tooth; and when the pulp becomes damaged, the deterioration and infection due to bacteria can create abscesses in the tooth. In such a case, a Root canal treatment is indicated.

What are Some signs that may indicate Root Treatment?

Some patients present with symptoms of abscesses, severe toothaches, infected gums, bone loss around the root of the tooth, inflammation of the face, neck and even head, and drainage issues extending outward from the tooth’s root. You can give us a call to schedule an appointment to work on getting your teeth healthy and happy!

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